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*****UPDATE***** Our open application period has ended. If you applied, please be patient. We are processing all the applications. Unfortunately only one family will be chosen for our build. We will be deciding on the next partner family in the next month or so. Keep watch of your email or postal mail for notifications. Thank you!

If I submitted an application, what’s next?

Our Homeowner Selection Committee and Qualified Loan Originator look at several factors in determining if you qualify. Our QLO will look at income, debt to income ratio and credit score. Our Committee will look at other key factors.

Habitat looks at 3 key factors to qualify:


Since there are so many variables, there are not set figures that we can give you ahead of time to qualify. Debt to Income Ratio will vary. Your credit score does not need to be perfect, but there may be things we ask you about. We can, however, give you the HUD income limits for Carroll County that we use as a partial guide. Our programing limits us to 20-80% of the median income for Carroll County. For an example, a 3 person household can earn up to $61,450/year and qualify for our program. But if you are a 4 person household , the limit increases to $68,250. These figures are subject to change based off new limits being published by HUD.

You’ll notice the chart goes by “Person”, not family. The definition of family can mean different things for different people. You do not have to be married to apply. You do not have to have children. Every adult that lives in the home needs to be on the mortgage. An exception, of course, would be your children that may be in the college years.

The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination because of race, color, national origin, religion, sex (including gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and sexual harassment), familial status, and disability.