Latest Build: Wakefield NH

Completed June 2021, Dedicated July 2021

Building New Homes with Partner Families.

We are very excited to be partnering with the Nason family. Construction started in 2019. This is our 13th home that our affiliate has built.

What does it take?

We are estimating the home will cost 90,000 to build.  We have some material donations and volunteer help, but need about 90,000 in cash donations to keep everything flowing through the build and to prepare for the next build.  We are starting a new club. Club85 members donate at the end of each build. If 1,000 members donated , we would have enough funds to start our next build. Look for our Club85 flyer on Facebook. Signup here:

Special thanks to our build volunteers!

Charlie Edwards, construction manager
Tom Dube for getting us completed through the concrete basement walls
Vinnie Brooks for building stairs
Jack & Kevin Doyle for installing the electrical needs

Also, thank you to businesses that made in-kind donations:
Ossipee Aggregates, George’s Poured Foundations, Longmeadow Hardware, Lowe’s, Schneider Electric, Yale, & Whirlpool.

We need you!

We will need volunteers to help with painting, vinyl siding, yard work, and hanging sheet rock.  We don’t have set work dates available at this time.   Make sure you like/follow our Facebook page for updates!

The gallery below are some photos from our current build!

Habitat gives us an opportunity which is very difficult to find: to reach out and work side by side with those who never have had a decent home, but work with them on a completely equal basis. It’s not a big shot, little shot relationship. It’s a sense of equality.

Jimmy Carter, former US President